Just because it’s new, don’t mean its right.

I don’t get many calls to inspect new homes but when I do, I thank the buyer for being savvy enough to think of doing so.  All houses are put together using sub-contractors.  Even if you know the General Contractor and their good reputation, doesn’t mean there isn’t at least one newbie working for a Sub.  Junior workers make entry level wages until they learn their trade.  It may be YOUR house that they are practicing on!  I also recommend the buyer get an 11 month re-inspection before the contractor’s 1 year warranty expires.  It’s smart money.

As Inspectors, our fees are cheap compared to one repair that you may argue over with your contractor.  It’s kind of like sending your steak back to the kitchen to have it cooked more.  You never know what they are going to do to your meat.  It makes good sense to have an experienced pair of eyes go over a new or a used home.  I have received compliments from Realtors for not taking advantage of the fact that a home is only 10 years old and blowing through the inspection.  10 years is a long time.  A lot of things are wearing out by then.  Even so, no home is perfect and if you are expecting it to be, then you are mistaken.

More people are seeing the advantages of having a home inspection and according to Harris Interactive, 88% of home buyers say that a home inspection increases their confidence in a decision about a property.


Be smart; get an inspection, save yourself some grief.

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