Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Decisions to move, relocate or upgrade are being put off in this current economy.  Starter homes are becoming permanent homes.  Many are choosing to renovate, adding that room or upgrading others, but where should your priorities be?

Often overlooked are Air Conditioning units or roofs.  Even the Water Heater (some call it a Hot Water Heater others a Cold Water Heater), which is relatively inexpensive unless it fails, often get put off until it’s too late.  So… when you are budgeting for renovations you need to prioritize.

Home Inspections are not just for Buyers or Sellers, they are appropriate for those that are choosing to stay at home.  For less than the cost of a new water heater you can have a full Home Inspection, assess the condition of your whole home, and make choices on what needs to be done BEFORE the loan money is spent and you can’t get more!

Inspections can reveal moisture issues, mold, leaks, age and life expectancy of major components, and a host of other potential problems.  Sure a new kitchen will look nice, but if you have moisture issues that are affecting your foundation then the better choice is to fix what you have.  On the other hand, finding out everything is fine or in good condition can make moving ahead with a renovation the right call.

Wouldn’t a little piece of mind be nice?  Get your home inspected!

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