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Homeowners Agree Their Home Inspection Helped Them Avoid Potential Problems

A New Poll from ASHI Reports More Than 70 Percent of Homeowners Agree Their Home Inspection Helped Them Avoid Potential Problems

DES PLAINES, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI):

“It is important for consumers to do their homework before hiring an inspector”

  • Nearly 90 percent of all U.S. homeowners surveyed believe home inspections are a necessity, not a luxury.
  • A home inspection conducted by an ASHI Certified Inspector examines the physical structure and systems of a house.
  • ASHI is the only professional organization of home inspectors that has completed NCCA certification process.

Nearly three in four (72 percent) U.S. homeowners agree the home inspection they had when they purchased their current primary residence helped them avoid potential problems with their home, according to a survey released today by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Also, almost two in three (64 percent) noted, in the long run, they saved a lot of money as result of their home inspection. As the housing market begins to recover, ASHI encourages homeowners and buyers to hire a certified home inspector and to get a home inspection to help further protect their investment.

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