Divorce and the Home Inspection.

I am celebrating 29 years of marriage with my first wife in April so I don’t know about divorce other than second hand knowledge. I can’t imagine how it feels to go through it.  What I do know is that often one spouse or the other gets the house while the other get the pension, savings or other assets they have accumulated together.  If you end up with the house don’t get the short end of the stick…get a Home Inspection before you agree to your final terms.  Here’s why.

Regardless of the age of the building there can be serious defects that may devalue the property.  It’s not unthinkable that portions, let’s start with the roof, could be nearing the end of its useful life.  Replacing a roof can cost thousands of dollars.  A Heater, AC or Heat Pump is also a major expense.  These things, according to Murphy’s Law, will happen just when you can’t afford it.  A divorce is basically a business transaction, so treat it as such.  Keep the emotions out of it and make sure you know what you’re getting.

If you have lived in the home for a while, it is likely that the major house systems have worked just fine, and most people don’t contemplate replacing big items until they fail.  Nothing lasts forever, things break or wear out.

Worse than the things that you might expect to replace and may have even taken into consideration, is the unexpected.  There are many potential issues with foundations.  Unless you know what to look for, a seemingly minor issue may lead to substantial costs.  It’s not uncommon for structural repairs to go into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t mistake an appraisal for a Home Inspection.  Appraisers don’t necessarily take into account repairs that may be needed.  You need a Home Inspection!

There is a lot of information available and more Lawyers and Realtors are becoming aware of the value of a Home Inspection before a divorce is final.  Consider one for your peace of mind.

For more information check out,  Kelly Lise Murray’s Web Site

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